Facts don't lie. These statistics shed light on the barriers to success that is a reality for nearly every child with a mom or dad in prison. Even though these facts are eye-opening, these statistics do not paint an all encompassing portrayal of the ripple effects that mass incarceration burdens families with. Youth with parents in prison face constant social threats of judgement, discrimination, and isolation. They are often in proximity to violence and poverty. And schools often lack the resources that these kids need to thrive and progress, given their unique set of challenges. Nevertheless, these stats remind us why we continue to fight for every child with a parent in prison. 

FACT 1. In the U.S., around 2.7 million children have a mother or father in prison.

FACT 2. In the U.S., 1 in 28 children have a parent in prison.


FACT 3. It's a possibility that kids with parents in prison are 5-6 times more likely to become an inmate. 

FACT 4. Most children with a parent in prison witness their mom or dad go to prison before their 10th birthday. 

FACT 5. All of these statistics impact children of color more than any other group of children. 

We must reverse the stats. It starts by crushing the school-to-prison pipeline. Let's do this.